Gabrovo Hills
Gabrovo Hills Leisure

The open air Architectural Ethnographic complex “Etura” is situated 8 km away from Gabrovo and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bulgaria. The visitors will have the spectacular opportunity to see authentic wheels and mills moved by water, metal ornaments, pottery articles, copper utensils, braids, hot buns and many other traditional potteries and colorful rags, made by skillful Gabrovo masters. The narrow cobblestone streets, the stone drinking-fountains, the house with the tavern, the clock tower and a lot more other authentic details complete the unforgettable picture of the architecture preserve.

“Baev” Bridge is one of the masterpieces of the Bulgarian architecture. It was declared a monument of culture, and was fully renovated in 1968. Now it is a pedestrian zone. “Igoto” (the Slavery Bridge) represents four statues. One of them is the statue of the founder of the town, Racho Kovacha. The others are a roaring lion, a woman, representing Bulgaria and a typical Bulgarian man – strong and vigorous.

Gabrovo also has its own Planetarium and Zoo, situated in the Gradishte area, distant some 500 m. away from the complex.

Gradishte area is a medieval fortress wall, which is situated 3 km from Gabrovo and offers a unique overall view of the whole town. The ruins of the Gradishte fortress are remains from a huge complex, built between IV - V C to protect the pass to Shipka Peak. Gradishte area is also a favourite place for picnics.

In the middle of May there is a carnival in Gabrovo. The whole week between 12th and 18th of May is filled with different exhibitions, comedy plays, concerts...

Uzana ski resort, the actual geographic centre of Bulgaria is another point of interest close to the town. It is located 1120 m above the sea level, which favours the development of winter sports. Existing infrastructure, ski and hotel facilities make Uzana a desired tourist destination.